The Bumbag

Coco Bonito is known for it; designing unique products inspired by old-fashioned accessories. It started with the well-known sunnycords, the colorful sunglasses chains. Coco Bonito introduced the glasses chains as first on the market. They come in different colors, with fringes, charms, stars, shells and so on. The sunnycords immediately became a resounding success. But Coco Bonito did not leave it at that.

How to make a ‘forgotten’ product trendy and fashionable again? It is a risk you have to take. After all, it has not been forgotten for no reason. After a great success with the sunnycords, Coco Bonito was willing to give the bumbags an upgrade as well. These bags are also known as fanny packs. The bumbags were a really popular item back in the 80s and 90s. Many people wore it. Just like the sunnycord, the bumbags were especially a very practical product. Not to wear in a fashionable way. No, it was just a handy bag where you could store all your stuff. You could have spot the bumbag on holidays; it was the musthave among the travelers. Was it cool to wear a fanny pack? Absolutely not. With a fanny pack around your waist you were previously labeled as a disaster tourist. But that has now changed.

Nowadays we can no longer call the bumbag a real bumbag. The name comes from the fact that they are often worn with the pouch above the buttocks, for which "fanny" and "bum" are the slang terms in each country respectively. Back in the days everyone wore the bags around the hips, now you can wear it in different ways. With the adjustable belt you can adjust the belt bag to different sizes. Many women wear it around the waist and just for your information; it looks good for your figure. The trend that we mainly spot by both woman and man is wearing the bag around the chest. This is called 'crossbody'. The waist bag is also seen as one of the safest bags. Since you carry it close to you, on the hip or against your chest, pickpockets will keep their hands at home. 

Gucci was the first high fashion brand with the release of the bumbag last winter. Several major brands followed such as Prada and Balenciaga. Vintage stores brought the 'boring' bags back to the market he black bags in black and leather. The bumbags cannot be ignored anymore.

Anyway, the bumbag has been revived. It has made his comeback. And so, an old-fashioned product is back again in a fashionable way. In the summer of 2015, Coco Bonito took the gamble and released the first self-designed bumbags. Produced in India with bright colors, beautiful prints and decorated with coins. As expected, this was also a product that most people first had to get used to, but nowadays it is an accepted fashion item that it is a real fashion item in the fashion industry. 

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