Nikki Beach: together with Nikki Beach and Sunglasshut we designed a Sunnycord®. The Sunnycords® will be sold at Nikki Beach Marbella so that when you’re drinking and having a good time at the party you will not have to worry about losing your sunglasses. The Sunnycord® is inspired by the beautiful color turquoise from the beach and the beautiful sea’s, where Nikki Beach is located!

Ray-Ban: Peggy Gou has teamed up with Ray-Ban to create a limited edition line with two sunglasses. The collection also includes a golden chain with her initials in it, a Sunnycords® designed by Coco Bonito. This is the first time in Ray-Ban history that the brand has created an accessory to go with the sunglass collection.

ByDanie: together with Linda Meiden, By Danie organized an influencer trip to Las Vegas and Arizona. By Danie asked us to create personal Sunnycords® for every influencer with their name on them. So together we designed Sunnycords® that could be personalized and still in Coco Bonito style. And for in her vintage store By Danie will sell Sunnycords® with Summer 2019 on them, in the same style.