Our Mission

For the summer of 2019, we have decided to broaden our horizon by bringing a larger variety of products on to the market. One of the most important factors for us is that our products emit creativity as well as enhancing a better world. Making the world a better place is very high on our list. Therefore, striving for a world where working conditions, climate change, and animal welfare are all in improving. From now on we will focus progressively on the social responsibility and sustainability of our accessories and apparel.  For us, it is important to contribute to the fairtrade and slower fashion industry. Meaning, we are fighting against the fast fashion industry. We have cooperated with large numbers of local artisans all over the world to develop a wonderful new collection. Concluding that our mission is to build sustainable partnerships with local artisans around the world and connecting them with our designs, providing the customers with sustainable summer accessories!


Social Responsibility. Coco Bonito does not only stand for creating all the perfect summer essentials one may need. It also stands for creating a better world; together. With this we mean that we support the local artisans and tribes who make our products. They are from a variety of places such as, Peru, Morocco, Turkey, Thailand and India. Coco Bonito supports their craftsmanship and persist their local characteristics, translating them into our fashion market but still keeping their authenticity. By partnering with these artisans and paying them a fair price we try to contribute to improve the quality of life in their local communities and also making sure children are not involved in the production process.  

Sustainability. We try to contribute in the best way we can to sustainability. We do this by using recycled fabrics. All the fabrics the Artisans use for making our bags, are all vintage (second hand) which mean they are reused. Our bumbags for example used to be Indian Bridal fabrics, but now we are making bags from it. Our artisans do also work with for example vintage Frazada fabrics (Peru), Kantha fabrics (India), Kilim fabrics (Morocco) and Hmong fabrics (Thailand).