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Senkapa Collection Peru

Local women peru Senkapa sunglass chains
With traveling being something Sophie is very passionate about, she always feels the urge to see new places and meet new people, especially locals. She loves to integrate with local communities and experience their cultural ways of life. Therefore, many collections of glasses chains are inspired by local communities around the world. 
The Senkapa Collection sunglass chains is an exclusive collection featuring Sunnycords® made in the village of Ccatcca, located in the region of Cuzco of the Peruvian highlands. The glasses holders that are produced here are made by local women. Traditional weaving is an incredibly important element of the people in the high Andes, and the skills have been passed down from woman to woman for many generations. In fact, weaving has been an important part of the Peruvian culture since 2500 BCE. Since Quechua was originally an oral-only language, the Quechua peoples would express their thoughts and feelings through weaving. Their age-old stories through weaving patterns helps us understand their lifestyles and feelings today. 
handwoven jewelry peru beads senkapa wool strings 
Woven textiles played an important role in the measure of wealth, as well as the representation of identity in civil and religious ceremonies. A lot can be interpreted from the weaving method carried out by the woman who weaved her products, as materials, colours and techniques used play an important role in the representation of wealth and origin of the woman.


The famous weaving method carried out by the Quechua women is also known as the backstrap weaving loom method and is the oldest form of loom in the world. The method is carried out using an entirely non-mechanised instrument, which is constructed with wood, bone, and strings, and is easily portable from home to field wrapped in the traditional carrying shawl worn by women, also known as a Lliqlla
sunny cords glasses straps fabric material peru senkapa 
Today, the weaving techniques are used to make traditional clothing, carpets, bags and jewelry. The most common colors used are red, blue, pink, burgundy, purple and brown, but designs are not limited to these colors. Traditionally, Peruvian women used local plants, insects and minerals to dye the threads. They would do this by boiling the locally sourced materials in water to give the yarn a specific color. When the threads were dyed and dried, they were ready to be used. The local women of Ccatcca are often dressed in beautiful, colourful traditional clothing. The colors on the Senkapa eyeglass chains reflect the traditional colors used by the Quechua women. 

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