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BlackOUT Friday

Blackout Friday Macheo Kenya Donation


This year we feel more than ever the urge to do it differently. Black Friday has grown to an event where hyper consumerism is supported by big flash sales where people are forced to make impulsive rushed purchase decisions. A very environmentally unfriendly shopping day in our opinion. That’s why we decided to not participate at Black Friday. 

Instead of offering a 30% discount, we want to donate 30% of all our sales this weekend (fri-mon) to Macheo Kenya. Their efforts are focused on creating fairer chances for a better future for children in Kenya. 

Perhaps some of you (Dutchies) have seen the frontpage of De Volkskrant this Monday. The situation in Kenya at the moment caused by COVID-19 is terrible, the most vulnerable are hit the hardest. The Kenian government decided to close all schools for the whole year because of COVID-19, with disastrous consequences . Besides that, most of the parents of these children lost their incomes because of the collapsing economy. 

Macheo Kenya helps these children with cash transfer. They give them money to spend on what is most needed for them at that moment. This can be food, housing, medication or teaching materials. As some of you may know, last summer we supported the local women in Kenya with our Karibu collection in collab with Haberdashery. Because of this collaboration some Maasai women were able to provide their children from food and home teaching. But there are so many more children in Kenya who need our help!

30% of all sales from Friday 27th until Monday 30th November will be donated to Macheo Kenya.

Macheo Kenya

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