Our Story

Coco Bonito is an Amsterdam based fashion label and creator of the original Sunnycords®. Founder Sophie Weijenberg created the Sunnycords® herself since 2013 while studying Psychology. Now, six years later, Coco Bonito has grown to a leading business in Sunnycords® worldwide. A company that nowadays is run by Sophie and her sister Eva.

It all started back in 2013. Psychology student Sophie, 20 years old at the time, was always looking for outstanding colorful eye catchers in the Dutch fashion market and this was a struggle. While traveling around the world and broadening her horizon, she was inspired by local handicrafts and remote tribes, therefore, finding out there is so much more color in other countries than in The Netherlands. This resulted in designing her own colorful accessories and clothing, inspired by her travels.


One of the accessories she always created for her own use,  were the colorful cords for her sunglasses. After using them for a few years during the summer and other sunny holidays, a lot of requests came her way from her friends and acquaintances. Once she could no longer complete all the requests as a hobby, she decided to start her own business in sunglass cords. So in 2014, Sunnycords® was born. Coco Bonito was the first who came up with the idea of colorful, extraordinary sunglass cords. Nowadays, we have created a variety of different styles meaning, there is something for everyone in our wide range of sunglass chains!

After the successful start of Sunnycords®, she decided to expand her business. Although she was still studying at the University of Amsterdam, Sophie believed there were still too many accessories that needed to get an upgrade. Just like the sunglasses cords that she transformed from old fashioned and boring to trendy and fashionable. She also came up with a colorful collection of bumbags (fannypacks) handmade from vintage banjara fabrics in India. Just as the Sunnycords®, it was an accessory you had not seen before in this way. Besides the Sunnycords®, Coco Bonito designed several clothing pieces and accessories, such as; earrings, bags, suspenders, chaleco’s, tops, dresses, and skirts.

After graduating her study Psychology, Sophie could finally find the time to travel around the world for four months and decide what she wanted to do in the future. She came across so many cultures and local artisans who were using the most beautiful fabrics and materials. Once again she got inspired by all the local handicrafts Sophie found on the streets but also during visits to different hill tribes in remote areas. She decided to continue with Coco Bonito, this time not only for the need to create beautiful products but also to tell the story behind every product.

Whereas in 2018,  Sophie is fully focussed on the brand, working on it 24/7. Bringing Coco Bonito to the next level cannot be done alone so that is why she asked her sister, Eva, to join. Eva has always been helping Sophie with her brand. While she was traveling Eva took over the complete brand during these four months. At the time, Eva was working for multiple influencers but together they have decided to fully focus on Coco Bonito.